What is


DevOps is an efficient Agile-backed methodology that brings together siloed software development, QA and Ops teams for the sake of smooth collaboration. DevOps streamlines the overall workflow and ensures getting smooth and accelerated output resultsandimprovedtime-to-value.

How can you

Benefit from DevOps?

Traditional software development practices fall short in ever-changing competitive business environment, not to speak of meeting the evolving customer needs. Implementing DevOps solutions enables better interaction between your teams that results in getting a cost-efficient lifecycle and faster end product.
All in all, the most advantageous DevOps features boil down to:

  • Cost-effectiveness of development process
  • Faster deployment of time-critical tasks
  • Manageable and improved time-to-value
  • Continuous delivery benefits
  • Smooth and code-quality iteration flow in unified process
Technology stack:
  • Application Server
  • Web Server
  • NoSQL
  • Code Versioning
  • Deployments
  • System Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Load Testing
  • Continous Integraton
  • Build System
  • Configuration Management
  • Containers
  • Scripting
  • Centralized Log Management:
  • Name