Delivery Models

Here at Adimen, we are experts at assisting businesses in performance optimization efforts to utilize data, development teams and other enterprise-grade assets to their fullest potential.

Adimen provides organizations with actionable and cost-efficient software delivery solutions empowered with AI capabilities like Machine and Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics and Data Science. In concert with Agile methodology, our outstaffing and consulting services help you save up much time, money and effort on professional onboarding, development costs and business data management to get faster results and valuable insights.

With Adimen expertise at your disposal, you can benefit from a self-organizing, multidisciplinary and result-oriented team of data specialists. To tailor best to your specific business needs, we offer various types of collaboration.

Delivery Models

Dedicated Team

Hiring a dedicated team to fulfill your software development and data optimization needs is a fast and efficient way to boost business performance and cut your spending.

What can you get with hiring our dedicated team?

  • No expenses for in-house recruitment and training
  • No office space and own R&D is needed
  • Hourly paid basis, no more costly full-time employees
  • Quick start and immersion into project details
  • Faster development cycle
  • More control and transparency
  • Scalability and adaptability
Dedicated Team


Why is outstaffing more preferable for your business?

Outstaffing has proved to be far more effective than outsourcing services, especially when it comes to picking high-profile specialists adhered to your business goals. While outsourcing being more expensive and suitable only for short-time tasks, outstaffing is great for continuous projects where having first-rate professionals are more than needed to deliver fast and pitch-perfect results.

Outstaffing provides a number of considerable advantages that help outperform your competitors

  • Smooth integration into the project flow
  • Flexibility and dedication to your corporate goals and values
  • Full control and involvement
  • Consistency and accountability
  • Scalability in terms of a number of specialists required on the project
  • No additional costs like taxes, sick leaves, licenses, etc.

Give your business an edge with Adimen outstaffing services

Adimen leverages its hands-on experience to find the best software development and data optimization experts available on the market that can fully satisfy your specific business needs.

We quickly help you:

  • Define the exact specialists you need for a project
  • Estimate the costs and deadlines
  • Check availability of remote experts on the market
  • Discuss the terms and conditions
  • Screen and interview the applicants
  • Get the project started

Consulting services

Personalization is key

Adimen offers a wide range of personalized consulting services to its customers. Our paramount goal is to help maximize your profit margins while improving business performance. We enjoy having an in-house team of seasoned professionals in various IT fields dovetailed with cutting-edge software solutions. All these are utilized with a custom-tailored approach in mind to deliver the most efficient output possible.

What benefits can you reap from Adimen consulting?

We give businesses a helping hand when higher productivity is an issue. Sharing extensive experience across a number of business industries, Adimen is the best at:

  • Indicating workflow pain points
  • Determining the total effort required for optimization
  • Defining the projects’ costs
  • Employing predictive analytics, based on historical data
  • Building a business roadmap for streamlining overall processes
  • Gaining actionable insights to mitigate risks and prevent further underperformance
  • Vetting the best DataOps, DevOps and other IT professionals that fully conform to the optimization guidelines.